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Clean water implement more and more the life that walks into people

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"The skin that why says southern and disposition and northerner have very big difference? As a result of,also be on certain level of water quality different, one party natural environment raises one party person. The water of different place is different, so we want to see clearly, be in China to make domestic water treatment is necessary " . Nowadays drinking water of a lot of person respecting life are say safety, those who accord with national level, and Er love beautiful should be on safe foundation assure health, the pursuit on the foundation in qualification is outstanding.

Undertook comparative with foreign surroundings, of the difference with our environment that occupy the home or constant presence, say clean water so implement the market can say is " wants how old have how old " , the home appliance market that should compare and so on of current color television, freezer is even big. Because water pollution will be overcome hard, ability of taller and taller, consumption strengthens people health demand ceaselessly, more and more people will arrive from safety to the requirement of water healthy, from pay close attention to only water expand whole life uses water, clean water implement the life that walks into people in one pace, the life of people of press close to.

Use clean water from Chinese home implement in light of development process and technical trend, clean water implement can divide roughly in domestic development for 4 phase: The first phase, high price, known person is little, the entrance is given priority to; The 2nd phase, the market flourishingly, the technology is confused, price war; The 3rd phase, domestic manufacturer development rises; Competition causes the integral distrust of the industry badly; The technology develops, trade impact is big, domestic manufacturer and entrance brand both wings fly together; The 4th phase, namely from 2006 up to now, look from technical angle, it is Euramerican no longer played solo, day Han is factional begin to land Chinese arena, industry of home appliance of no less than, genre of this 3 old techniques is in Han of mainland of Euramerican, China, day family expenses clean water implement this industry continues to repeat " of historical novel of " the Three Kingdoms. Look from sale angle, the large chain such as beauty of Su Ning, country sells; Domestic happy home, home resides the consumptive flourishing ground such as the supermarket of large building materials such as happy, Jin Cheng to already began to show family expenses clean water implement, everywhere of of all kinds brand shop is visible, project project form a complete set cans be found everywhere; The take turns such as transmission of TV ad, newspaper ad, conference teachs consumer, the consumer of this phase is clean to family expenses water implement how many times witting rate is stronger than knowing before 2005! From clean water of above family expenses implement in light of development process, clean water implement the life that approaching people ceaselessly.
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