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Water machine sampling observation most probably on beautiful water chestnut of

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5 days, harbin city industrial and commercial bureau announces current domain to water result of engine quality sampling observation, sampling observation 170 batch, unqualified 128 batch, hold sampling observation sum total 75.3% . Advocate if heavy metal is medium,content of nickel, manganese exceeds bid.

Unqualified water machine those who have production of Inc. of electric equipment of Sichuan long rainbow " long rainbow " card, norms is CYLR5L5 and 5L5-1; Limited company of home appliance of Zhongshan city small duck produces " Ji Ao of small duck emperor " the card is luxurious model water machine; Shut production of limited company of small home appliance of fat water chestnut " beautiful water chestnut " card, norms waters for YR-4T machine.

Current, door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry already charged all sell on commission the operator of afore-mentioned unqualified commodity falls inside 2 days frame, inform unqualified commodity produces geological check section, undertake condemnatory to producing manufacturer.

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