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Copy risks Angell to water machine agency is punished 70 thousand yuan

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Recently, city of Hunan Province Heng Yang is industrial and commercial bureau bead sunshine substation investigated sale copy one case to risk " Angell " water the case of machine, party is fined 70 thousand yuan lawfully.

Via checking, party Hu Mou is in Heng Yang city bead sunshine during city of Ou Mou home appliance manages home appliance, some company produces main distribute Shenzhen water machine series product, the Chinese that uses on its commodity label " An Guer " reach English name " Angor " with what gain Chinese celebrated trade mark " Angell " water machine (English name is " Angel " ) , and Hu Mou is nominal on sale proof commodity brand is " Shenzhen Angell waters machine " , misdirect consumer. Be versed in trade body thinks, hu Mou sells copy to risk " Angell " the commodity of brand, formed right " Angell " of trade mark right encroach. Bead sunshine industrial and commercial substation instructs Hu Mou to stop to violate management act instantly lawfully, confiscate tort to water machine 310, fine 70 thousand yuan.

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