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Avoid to repeat heat ooze garden pushs the bravery that do not have heat to wate

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Draw near flourishing of home appliance product sells " 11 " the golden week, group of garden of ooze of enterprise of domestic water home appliance takes the lead in sending force, carry " the bravery that do not have heat fast heat " , " extreme of close water film eliminates bacterium " , " namely filter namely drink " 3 old banner techniques, roll out water machine clean water implement taste newly.

Water in the light of the tradition machine use hot bravery to make take hot water skill, bring about easily water machine power consumption is bigger, " 1000 roll water " with mouthfeel not the problem such as delicacy, ooze garden waters without hot bravery function avoids to repeat heat, the phenomenon with hot lentic and deposit bravery, reducing the effect on specific power consumption remarkable also, according to calculating, when its are used, water than the tradition aircraft division report 50% , give hot water rate 30 times faster, restrict hot water ability 3 times bigger also. And series of the B72 that ooze garden pushs newly, B80 is tasted newly water machine still apply extreme of close water film to eliminate bacterium technique, but the harmful material such as purify bacterium, undertake to air is being exchanged inside machine smooth accelerant material filters. Of ooze garden taste MRD4 clean water additionally anew implement filtering again front of close water film installs water pump, undertake intelligent pressure boost filters again, after using this technology clean water implement can filter quickly to control water 1 litre every time, come true namely filter namely drink.

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