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Sampling observation result shows: Water machine material pledges safety nots al

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A few days ago, harbin city industrial and commercial bureau announced current to this city domain to water the sampling observation result of engine quality. The result shows: Water machine material pledges safety nots allow hopeful, the main problem of rejected product is the heavy metal content such as nickel, manganese exceeds bid, in the meantime, a few well-known trademarks also went up black a list of names posted up. This in all sampling observation waters machine product 170 batch.

As we have learned, stainless steel is You Tiege alloy again mix into is made into a few microelement, the chromium in material can make the product is accomplished " do not become rusty " , and nickel content is higher, corrosion resistance is better. But because the heavy metal such as nickel, chromium is right human body is harmful, the country goes a quantity to have relevant wholesome level again to its dissolve. Accuse check of safety of water quality of central environment and place of safety of healthy and relevant product to measure lab chief according to Chinese disease Introduction E Xueli, our country executes wholesome system of licensing to ford product, manufacture the unit that involves product of safety of drinking water sanitation and individual namely, must apply for to deal with product sanitation to allow approval document to wholesome service by the regulation, door of Ministry of Public Health is opposite the heavy metal dissolve of the product gives an amount after wholesome index undertakes detecting strictly related etc, ability can issue this card, obtain approval file to Fang Kesheng is produced and be sold. The model of ford product must approve a content conform to that examine and approve with wholesome license, company do sth without authorization enlarges wholesome license to approve scope of application belongs to illegal behavior, its product also will be prohibited selling and investigate lawfully. Ministry of Public Health " involve drinking water sanitation sanitation of company of safe product production is normative " the content that at the same time the label of requirement ford product, label and manual content want to be approved with wholesome service is consistent, do not get exaggerated function to publicize. But disclose according to the personage inside course of study, as a result of nearly two years raw material rises in price range is bigger, the price difference between different material is bigger also at the same time, if feed grade,the price of 316 stainless steel is every tons 50 thousand yuan, low the 304 stainless steel of one class every tons 28 thousand yuan, tone is general do not become rusty iron price is every tons only 10 thousand yuan or so, accordingly, a few enterprises are in after obtaining approval document, can convert low simple stuff has production.

Quality of national household and similar electrical appliance is supervised examine Ling Honghao of director of lab of appliance of central electric heat says, previously, drink water machine product, main on electric security basis " liquid heater " the standard undertakes detecting. Begin from 2006, basis of total bureau of national qualitative check " standard of sanitation of container of stainless steel tableware " to watering the bravery inside machine stainless steel undertakes detecting.

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