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The good experience of section water

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In water quantity changeless circumstance falls, the water environment with should make sure production of industry and agriculture uses water, dweller to live good with Shui Heliang, must build section water society. Include reasonable development to use water resource among them, the square respect face of water is used with water and city life in industry and agriculture, raise the utilization rate of water energetically, should make the consciousness of water crisis thorough popular feeling, nurturance everybody cherishs water, constantly, everywhere the situation of section water. Party and national all through the ages value section water job very much. Of the party 15 put forward our country to want to insist to carry out greatly " resource is developed and managing put in the first place " can develop a strategic principle continuously. Jiang Zemin's secretary-general points out: "Current water natural resources is attention of place of world each country, the resource of our country water is in short supply greatly. The understanding that we go is very insufficient, take seriously what must cause entire party very, the person does not have foresight, have close concern surely. The resource development that should make good water seriously and the managing job that use water, both cannot do one thing and neglect another. ... opening a source while should pay attention to reduce expenditure, the section water that makes good industry, agriculture, daily living seriously works. " for this, the country established the whole nation technically in irrigation works ministry the managing office that use water, work in order to strengthen section water. Our country " water law " point out, water natural resources belongs to a country all, namely the whole people is all. World each country also sets, water is public property. Accordingly, everybody ought to have fair water consciousness. Everybody cherishs water, managing water, object wasting water, pollution water, nature ability and our harmony get along, life ability health, happy, perfect. Standing committee of National People's Congress passed on January 21, 1988 " law of water of People's Republic of China " , it is to be inside national field development, use, natural resources of water of protection, management, water of prevention and cure harms the law that must abide by. Water laws and regulations decides: Water natural resources belongs to a country all, namely the whole people is all; The country executes a plan to use water, practice strict economy with water: Each unit ought to be adopted managing the advanced technique that uses water, reduce the wastage of water, raise the repeated usage rate of water. Be in the area with insufficient fountainhead, ought to adopt managing those who use water irrigate means. On July 19, 1994, the State Council was issued " byelaw of urban water supply " . Water supply of orders provision city executes development fountainhead and plan to use water, managing the principle that integrates with water photograph. Should reasonable arrangement uses groundwater. Should preferential make sure the life uses water, making overall plans and take all factors into consideration is industrial water and each construction uses water. Inside groove guard of the fountainhead that use water, forbidden all activities that pollute water quality. Not clear " section water " 2 words are right the person of the meaning, always think erroneously, section water is to restrict a person to use water, it is not to let use water even. Actually, section water is to let a person use water reasonably, efficient the ground uses water, not wasteful. Experts point out, current for the circumstance of ubiquitous waste, use today's technology and method, agriculture can reduce 10%-50% need water, industry can reduce 40%-90% need water, the city decreases 30% need water, the level that a bit won't affect economy and life quality. Water crisis has been global fact. Countless a man of insight are this anxiety-ridden. Be in early U.N. held water meeting 1977, issue stern warning to the whole world: Water will become a deep social crisis before long, the next crisis after afterwards oil crisis is water. Regard water as those who take is endless, use not the times of exhaust has gone, regard water as the times of valuable resource has come. On January 18, 1993, the the United Nations General Assembly passes resolution, will annual will be surely on March 22 " world water day " , in order to begins extensive conduct propaganda to teach, raise the public to run from opposite directions to send and protect the understanding of water natural resources. Every time world water day, have a specific theme, already spent day of water of 7 temple world up to now.
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