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Cropland of expert of the water treatment in visitting construction department is static

A few days ago, domestic and international arisen " in water " the climax that use, also built in succession in our country a few in the project that irrigation works uses, got generally the attention of social all circles, so the development current situation that the irrigation works in our country uses how? Does water use the economy that is in our country to develop a lieutenant general what to effect have in? For this, the reporter interviewed our country to be in in the expert that irrigation works uses a field -- , Ms. Tian Jing.

Ask: Home Tian Zhuan, at present domestic and international arisen in the climax that irrigation works uses, so what is you can introduce to our reader " in water " reach main use?

Answer: "In water " give a name at Japan, "In water " the definition has a variety of explanations, call in sewage engineering field " second birth water " , plant field is called " time with water " , serve as divisional mark with water quality commonly. Its basically are the water standard with point to urban foul water or be achieved proper, use blame drinking water can repeat inside certain limits.

Ask: At what is water used in respect?

Answer: Water basically is used at the toilet in rinse, gardens and farm irrigate, road Bao Jie, wash fountain of car, city, cooling equipment to complement to wait with water.

Ask: Is our country current in the case that irrigation works uses how?

Answer: Managing a national policy that using water is our country, section water job got great progress nearly 15 years. According to estimation, industrial the throughout the country of repeated usage rate of water is between 50 % of 40 ~ , rate of cooling water loop is 70 ~ about 80 % , reckon industrial waste water is answered from this with rate it is under 5 % of 3 ~ , actually the likelihood is counted under this. Majority of urban foul water is discharged directly without processing, the sewage after processing seldom is answered with, make water system is polluted. In recent years, combine water pollution control, urban foul water is answered with had mentioned program to come up gradually, and other places of hill of Beijing, Tianjin, Shenyang, saddle, n, Dalian, Qingdao, Shijiazhuang, Taiyuan, Great Harmony, Xi'an, Shenzhen has built or plan to build a batch of sewage disposal or time with the project project, will transform old some sewage to irrigate at the same time system.

Beijing is our country sewage is answered use the town with rapidder development, ability of the water treatment in already was being had now 7000 stere, to the end of this year, return facilities of the water in will building 10, water day treating capacity will increase 3300 stere in, achieve 10300 stere; Year processing capability will increase 1 million stere, achieve 3.5 million stere.
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