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Managing with water method

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◆ washs a face, wash one's hands wasteful ◇ faucet is big, spray 4 splash.

Switch of faucet of control of section water ◇ comes in urine quantity, shut water in time.

◇ advocates use face basin to wash a face, wash one's hands.

◆ brushs his teeth wasteful ◇ of       is uninterrupted turn on the water 30 seconds, make an appointment with 6 litres with water.

Cup of mouth of section water ◇ receives water, 3 cups, with water 0.6 litres.

◇ 3 home is daily two, every months but section water 486 litres.

  of   of ◆ cooking   wastes ◇ faucet is big, rinse for long.

◇ burns boiled water time to grow too, water vapour evaporates in great quantities.

◇ rushs with tap water drench watermelon, fruit.

On cooking utensils of section water ◇ , tableware smeary, use paper erasure first, again catharsis, but section water.

◇ controls faucet flow, change uninterrupted rinse for discontinuous rinse.

◇ of waste of ◆ shower, tub is too long uninterrupted turn on the water strong drench, can waste a large number of water.

Turn on the water when ◇ tub overmuch, down to spills over.

When ◇ tub, open at the same time enter the water a place of strategic importance, at the same time affusion, waste is very breathtaking.

Section water ◇ is discontinuous turn on the water shower. When rub is washed, answer to shut water in time.

◇ has avoided to rush for long drench.

The water after ◇ tub can be used at washing clothes, wash a car, flush a toilet, pull the ground to wait.

◆ washs clothes Bian Chong of the affusion side washing machine of wasteful ◇ of       is uninterrupted drenchs, of catchment wash clothes means, need to make an appointment with 165 litres with water every time.

Section water ◇ blows bureau washing machine to use catharsis, dehydration, affusion, dehydration, affusion, dehydration means catharsis, make an appointment with 110 litres with water every time, every time but section water 55 litres, wash   of   of   of   of   of   of   of       every months 4 times   , but section water 220 litres.

◇ clothings should center catharsis, decrease wash clothes frequency.

◇ is small, clothings of summer grain crops. Advocate a hand to wash, but managing and many water.

◇ scour wants right amount put in, excessive puts in will waste a large number of water.

  of   of ◆ toilet   uses water ◇ old-style commode, every time 13 litres.

◇ section water closestool, every time 9 litres.

Section water ◇ uses section water wholesome clean to provide.

Water of ◇ use catharsis, wash clothes water erodes toilet, but section water.

◆ washs   of car     to waste ◇ to be rinsed with conduit, 20 minutes, make an appointment with 240 litres with water.

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