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Section water little knowledge introduces

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In our daily life, should with " one water is multi-purpose " and " put how much with how much " the principle is managing with water:

* family is not cistern of section water toilet bowl mediumly, the means of the coke jar that an a brick, replete water can set inside attempt cistern or saline water bottle will decrease rinse water to measure, achieve the goal of section water thereby.

* is in hydraulic higher area, the dweller mights as well use the method that adjusts tap water valve to control hydraulic, such but managing the water quantity that comparative.

When * bathes, should have avoided to rush for long drench, and should discontinuous turn on the water shower, when rub is washed, also answer to shut water in time; The water after tub can be used at washing clothes, rinse toilet and pull the ground to wait.

On * cooking utensils, tableware smeary, use paper erasure first again catharsis but section water; Catharsis should control faucet flow when vegetable fruit, change uninterrupted rinse for discontinuous rinse.

* clothings should center catharsis, answer to reduce the number that wash clothes as far as possible; Small, a few clothings advocates a hand to wash but managing and many water; Scour wants right amount put in, excessive puts in a large number of waste that will create water.

Section water small doohickey

* do not grow boiled water bibcock to wash one's hands, catharsis dress or wash dish.

* uses shower nozzle shower to save water quantity to amount to than bathing with bath crock most probably.

The water that * has used can wash the ground again or irrigate a flower, need not use clear water.

When * uses washing machine or washing a bowl, collect neat clothings or bowl dish a catharsis.

The faucet that * drop leaks everyday but bad news water 70 litres; To exempt waste, answer to be repaired instantly.

* teachs children not to take water to play.

(on March 22, 2001 " Hainan daily " net article)

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